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HUE Womens Opaque STW Tight Gypsy Rose are top of the range tights. Made with the HUE quality and a spotlight to element, these gypsy rose colored tights are a really perfect addition to your dresser.

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will by more!!

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 on November 25, 2013
By tom
at first I didn’t want to leave review, but what the heck. I am a male that works in the construction field and being out side every day in the elements we need something that is going to keep us warm. I have tried the thermals, didn’t like because they just didn’t work!! what really works is something that’s going to fit tight because that’s whats going to keep the heat in. I have tried them all! But after trying these I now am sold. these work great!! not to tight, not too loose, but just right. by the way, I am 5ft11 and about 175. you can not go wrong with these. who the hell cares if they say for woman!! if it works and keeps you warm when you are on top of a building and the wind chill is kicking. what more do I need to say.

Affordable, Comfortable yet Hardcore!

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 on January 3, 2011
By Edda Björk Ármannsdottir
I got these tights at Macy’s and I’m really happy about them. I have always been looking for tights and for years now I have simply not owned any since they hardly ever last more than the day (who ever wants to throw their money away for single use tights?!). I am overweight so I have never before found tights that actually fit me and feel comfortable, but since the price was very affordable I decided to try them. The come in pretty large sizes!

they’re a wonderful color and hopefully they will soften with age

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 on February 1, 2017
By Victoria D Zahrobsky
The tights I received had this fiber blend: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex with this packaging (see JPG below) which I thought would be the same as the Hue tights have purchased in the past. But the past purchases had this fiber blend: 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex, with this packaging (see JPG below). The previous packaging labeled the tights as “Opaque Sheer to Waist Tights,” but the new packaging just lists them as “Opaque Tights.” The new ones aren’t as soft or stretchy; they feel more “nylon-y,” which seems odd if they have more spandex and less nylon. I would think the opposite would be true. Anyway, they’re a wonderful color and hopefully they will soften with age, as I have only worn them once. Thank you.

If I’m careful I can distribute the mesh pretty evenly but I don’t see these lasting very long

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 on March 26, 2016
By Leah F.
Tights are always too small but we knew that. I find I have to be careful in the way I pull them on or there are sort of stripes on my thighs which you can actually see the in photo for this product. If I’m careful I can distribute the mesh pretty evenly but I don’t see these lasting very long.

Warning: not opaque. Semi-opaque at best.

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 on October 28, 2013
By K. A. Smith
I am six feet tall, about 150 pounds, and the fit was great. The ivory color is also a nice, slightly creamy off-white that I like. However, these tights are NOT 100% opaque. If you have scars, veins, or less than daily shaving to cover, especially on a light skin tone, you may be disappointed that they show through. Also, the pair I got had a defect-snag in them straight out of the package. While thicker than nylons, they are certainly not thick enough to provide opacity or warmth. I wouldn’t order these again.

Tight around the waist

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 on March 19, 2014
By Lindley Karstens
Apparently I’m asking too much. I’m 5’9″ tall, currently a size twelve with an hour glass shape. Overweight but it’s not all at the waist, so I was very surprised when the size 3 was constricting in the waist. All I want is a comfortable pair of tights that don’t leave a red compression mark after an hour of sitting in a meeting. These are not those tights.

just like I wanted

 on September 28, 2017
By xelakitten
I got them today and tried them on. I am 5’0″, 115 lb. I got size 1 and it fits well! Opaque but not too opaque, just like I wanted. 🙂


 on October 26, 2015
By meowthsmile
These are really nice tights. They are soft and pure white. I have ordered white tights as part of a princess leia outfit for my star wars wedding off of amazon before and once i put them next to eachother i noticed the color was a little off on those ones. These ones are perfect. I will just use the off colored ones for my wampa cosplay and save these ones for my leia outfit.

Short and small

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 on February 20, 2016
By Mar
They did not rip, so that was great. I wore these with a dress that I wore for over 15 hrs straight and they held up great. They were a little small and short but I have very large thighs and hips.